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DTD Sports Academy 4 Urban Youth

 Local, State and County Levels curriculum and program recognitions & honors.

Designed for youth ages 10 -18 years old. The Sports Academy 4 Urban Youth is a preparation program, grounded in theoretical and conceptual framework from Dorsey's Leadership Models and Framework established prior and then extended beyond Dorsey's doctoral research program. 

Dorsey's niche pathway framework connects the dots in leadership training and development, college and career readiness, workforce development, education and business, health and wellness (or sports), and community and civic engagement project.  Youth increased their advocacy, leadership, civic engagement and education.


Designed for youth ages 10-17 years old to break the cycle of poverty by creating a blueprint for success and to provoke transformational behavior through advocacy, leadership, civic engagement, and education. The youth set up a foundation for success based on their skillsets and interests. Available in Online, In-Person or Hybrid formats where applicable. 

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