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The Urban Market Magazine

Welcome to The Urban Market Magazine and Urban Market Connector

Whatever your needs are, The Urban Market Magazine aims to provide a resource or blueprint for you to consider a solution. The Urban Market Magazine is a quarterly magazine that assist in understanding more of the urban youth, urban community and the urban market cultures.

The Urban Market Magazine is the first of its kind and we are excited to launch our publication. We are excited to lend a voice for the urban market, across the globe. As we continue to build articles, spotlights, events, and news for our readers, we hope to shape your lens of urban communities and how you can assist the urban community near you.

The Urban Market Magazine develops connections between industries, business, government, and people. Each quarter, we share a variety of programs, services, and events to help our audience develop strategic relationships across the world.

The Urban Market Magazine develops leadership opportunities and resources to a diverse audience, including community leaders, entrepreneurs, business executives, employees, educators, sports enthusiasts, and youth.


Let's Get YOU In The Urban Market


Top Webinar

Dr. Dorsey shares the ultimate framework of reaching the urban market for entrepreneurs, career professionals, leaders, experts, consultants, and anyone who desires to do work in the urban market.


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