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DTD Sports Academy 4 Urban Youth - Preparation & Leadership Program


There is a lack of comprehensive, quality enriched preparation programs founded on a theoretical/conceptual framework to address the gaps needed for urban youth to be successful in life and to avoid entering and overcoming the cycle of poverty.

Youth and parents are unaware of the knowledge afforded to them that correlate to real world experience and academic expectations with short term and long-term success. Youth and parents are unaware of the missed opportunities awaiting them. Youth are unaware of the unfortunate future that await them before it is too late.

Youth tend to receive the education and access to information later than needed. When the information is received its overwhelming and youth are unable to understand its applicability to the real world. Youth should be provided information that allow them not just theory but practical application in a safe environment before entering the world of work and expectation to rise to the occasion. Unfortunately, what should, could or would is not as easily accessible as one would like and for a variety of reasons. These reasons include lack of resources, lack of personnel, lack of funding, lack of partnerships, lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, lack of training opportunities, lack of ….. and the list continues.

There are preparation programs that touch on many topics that complement the growth and development of youth across the US. There are topics within preparation programs that are explored year-round but there lack opportunities of consistent programming and execution made available to youth ages 10-17 years old.

DTD's Sport Academy 4 Urban Youth is an answer to close the disparities and gaps with urban youth.

Bring DTD's Sports Academy 4 Urban Youth to your area today as a partner.

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