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Failure Does Not Yield The Option You Think

To Lobby, Failure is not an Option

Ms. Kearn Cherry Crocket is the producer and host of Level Up Summit and Powerup Summit. She is also the cofounder and director of the Success Women’s conference. She has 2 books coming out. Undefeated and Trailblazers Who Lead. She coaches people on how to be visible and how to make their own profitable events. They have been in homecare for over 25 years. Ms. Kearn has been in healthcare for over 35. The discussion of lobbies becomes important in Ms. Kearn Cherry Crockett’s episode about vision. She explains that there is a certain type of person who has a passion to want to lobby for themselves and others. Survival is a passion and in the more dire circumstances, this passion will heighten.

So how do you help others before you are even meeting all of Maslow’s needs? Dr. Dorsey explains that homeless people and drug dealers should even be respected because they know how to survive and make money, so there is no excuse to fail. Dr. Tekemia Dorsey asks Ms. Crockett how she combats fear and wants her to tell the audience how she suggests them to confront fear. Ms. Crockett explains that children are not born afraid until they are told to be afraid. She explains that her leadership style is coaching and democratic. She also has certain personalities that she prefers to work with. She prefers to work with people who are interested in communication and learning from their mistakes as well as teaching their own leaders.

A Reflection of A Reflection

Each person has the good, the bad, and the ugly when they look in the mirror in the morning. Dr. Tekemia Dorsey uses this analogy to explain the need to understand who we are learning from and reflect on how they reflect. She also uses the word reflection about Ms. Crockett’s positive stories about her business. Dr. Dorsey asks her to also reflect on the hardships. The hardships include hurricane Katrina and losing customers as well as losing her homecare business. How do you get people to reflect on your reflections?

You have to lobby new ideas. You have to be creative. Now that everything is virtual, Ms. Crockett says it’s important to attend more events and grow gifts and talents and stop hiding behind safe places. She does understand the paranoia that comes from too much flattery or copying of your self-reflection, and growth cannot happen if people just take from the original and unique artist. A partnership has to be collaborative and not competitive.

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