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Let's face it, we've all pondered if we had what it takes to be the kind of great leaders we read about in the news or witness in action in our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, churches, and communities at large. We've also questioned if we had what it takes to succeed in those roles as well.

In theory, anyone may become a leader, according to both Dr. Tekemia Dorsey and Dr. Leroy Mckenzie. Leaders are both born and made through a combination of culture, environment, influences, role models, and mentors.

But what we discover is that many are still stuck because they have no notion of how to proceed.


To start, you must;


Dr. McKenzie simplifies this by outlining the traits of a leader using the abbreviation of the word where;

  • L – indicates that a leader is someone who listens and learns.

  • E - stands for Empower not only themselves but others.

  • A – someone who assists others in becoming who it is they are supposed to be

  • D – someone who develops themselves and others and prepares them to be leaders and do what it is that they do.

  • E – Someone who executes and implements plans with the people around them.

  • R – and finally someone who generates the right results.

Understanding this is the beginning of your journey to becoming a leader.


Dr. Mckenzie remembers his own experience of not being a picture-taker at the beginning of his leadership path but realizing the necessity of developing a sense of ease in front of the camera and presenting himself to others to advance to a particular level.

He still acknowledges that it's a little uncomfortable, but he recognizes why it's necessary.

If you want to be a good leader, you must learn to be at ease with the fact that not everything will go as planned, regardless of whether you are a born or made leader and you must develop the ability and willpower to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

it positions you to develop into a better leader.


Leaders can be developed by anyone given the correct environment, guidance, and mentoring.

For this reason, Dr. Tekemia Dorsey is creating a ton of tools to aid in your leadership development and help you become a more substantial person.

Visit to look through a wealth of materials that are packed to assist you in becoming the leader you were always meant to be.

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