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The Myth Behind The Next Legend

Who is Ms. Kearn Cherry Crockett?

“The Butt in the Seats Queen”, also known as Ms. Kearn Cherry Crockett explains how we can use our resources in conferences to collaborate to cause growth for our businesses and our other companies other than leadership. Ms. Crockett explains that she works in homecare as well as doing conferences, and most people have multiple workplaces, hobbies, goals, or stations. Success is important to Ms. Crockett; she explains that when people are out of a job, she is still doing events and has been for over 20 years. She helps elderly people and with her resource guide that has over 10,000 prints, she was able to do local community events such as nurse, caregiver, and doctors’ events with a start of 540 women in attendance. Women have been saying that they need events like what Ms. Crockett provided. She felt like she was one of the women that could not access all the events that she wanted either, so she was happy to host this one.

God Helped Me

Ms. Crockett is a woman of faith and thanks God for all that he did to make the event successful. Tabela Brown, Gloria Mayfield, and many others were also in attendance. She thanks Covid for only one thing: the virtual meetings requirement helped her bring many famous people she never would have been able to bring to her conference if it were held in person. She knows that her Success event has helped people start their businesses, coach others, and give much of themselves to make a difference even though there are pitfalls. Dr. Dorsey asks Ms. Crockett for an example of adversity. Hurricane Katrina was hard for businesses that worked with Ms. Crockett.


Only 15 people were there for Ms. Crockett’s low budget event that had activity directors, nurses, and transportation to the daycare event. This is a prime example of when a community may just not be ready for a business or a conference. She resourced back to home care because the day care was not making money and a few years later she had to let it go. As Dr. Dorsey explains, leaders always experience pitfalls, including the low money that Ms. Crockett received in 2010. She said she created her own door because it is up to us to find our opening in our calling. Dr. Dorsey explains that there is no direct pathway, but you must wake up every day and have a plan. I have a plan to follow in Ms. Crockett’s footsteps to lead conferences and further Dr. Dorsey’s enterprises with my writing. Thank you for reading.

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