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The Unconscious Bias Impeding Business Goals

Businesses are unable to grow and flourish due to obvious blind spots. These blind spots are currently apart of simply being human. Humanity allows for pros and cons to everything including business acumen.

  • How can we get out of our own way to success?

  • How can we face our blind spots hidden?

  • What is required of individuals daily but remain hard to understand?

The world is filled with bias, prejudice and even racists people but the irony remains these beliefs and world views have an impact in business. Since George Floyd, the world has made a concerted effort to educate self by understanding what it is like to walk a few steps in another culture shoes.

Despite marginals efforts made, gaps still exist in improving equity and equality in organizational settings.

  1. When was the last time you took a close look at organization to examine the voids in personnel compared to the market in which you aim to serve?

  2. Do you know where to start to nurture and to cultivate a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and access in business?

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