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Have you ever thought about the connection between workforce development and the global goal of eradicating poverty?

The bad news is that poverty still destroys many homes and prevents those who are enslaved by it from living life to the fullest. As a result, you are not alone in your thoughts.

The following three examples show how workforce development helps to end the poverty cycle.

1. Creates a future-ready and resilient workforce

The upskilling and reskilling of many more Americans through workforce development education is a vital step in creating a workforce that is more resilient and future-ready.

Combining professional paths, apprenticeship programs, and sectoral initiatives are effective tactics.

In addition to strong wraparound assistance, there is a need to expand the availability of accessible, short-term opportunities for upskilling and reskilling.

2. Reconnects opportunity youth to pathways to opportunity

Education for the workforce can be implemented at a large scale to successfully reengage opportunities for youngsters, especially the most disadvantaged. Opportunity youth make up a sizable, growing community of persons with potential that is currently unrealized and might help the country meet its need for skilled workers. Data based on effective programs that are well rooted in theories of youth development are required.

3. Helps adult learners access pathways out of poverty.

It is important to build an evidence base for workforce development educational models that are less expensive and simpler to scale. Integrated education and vocational training with strong wraparound services constitute a viable strategy. A sizable fraction of adults is underserved by conventional modes of education, and adult learners represent this group.


Providing people with the skills they need to participate in a global economy is one method to end the cycle of poverty. By building a workforce that is future-ready and resilient, reconnecting at-risk adolescents with pathways to opportunity, and assisting adult learners in finding ways out of poverty, workforce development initiatives assist people in acquiring these skills thereby helping break the cycle of poverty.

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