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The need for community partnership with the educational system to help develop and equip the youth with a much-needed skill set is essential for the survival of the community.

These partnerships thrive primarily on a mutually beneficial relationship with the school system, businesses, and non-profit organizations within the community being on the same level.

For a business to be at the level of the community colleges and the university there needs to be funding to help stabilize and sustain them.

Let's look at a few tips for a company or individual looking to launch a business that will succeed and support community partnerships, as well as for young people who want to develop skills for the future.

Federal funding is available for businesses and non-profit organizations but a business needs to set itself up to succeed before accessing those funds.

As a business, you need to

Build the Infrastructure

Everyone can do what they are good at, but success doesn't follow naturally from doing what one is good at.

For instance, being an excellent shoemaker does not automatically make one an excellent businessperson.

The first step in the proper approach is to fully commit to the process of learning what you want to do.

You can enroll in programs that lead to certification that will aid in your business preparation.

There are several community nonprofit organizations that can help you launch your business by offering coaching and mentoring.

Have a Business Plan

A strong business strategy is necessary since it will ultimately help you grow.

When starting and managing your business, a solid business plan will walk you through each step.

It's a method of organizing your thoughts and outlining all the essential components of how your company will function.

Build a Resume

When you're young, building a resume of work is crucial to provide you with practical experience so that when you ultimately enter the job market, you'll have both the knowledge and the practical experience to assist you to succeed.

Take employment that will help you get to where you want to go in the future because of this.

If it's sports, you need to work in sports-related jobs that are fulfilling from a management perspective, a sales perspective, science, technology, engineering, and math perspective.


It is crucial to recognize the significant responsibilities of community partnerships in supporting youth development.

These practical suggestions will assist you in getting ready to receive federal funding and in positioning yourself to be a strong candidate to collaborate with community colleges and universities.

Starting right will also help you as a young person.

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