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The causes of poverty are many complex topics with numerous facets. Poverty's various effects interact with one another and frequently amplify its negative effects. There are so many things that keep people in poverty:

We'll look at a few elements that drive the poverty cycle, such as poor health, a lack of resources, and susceptibility to life changes.


First, maintaining good health is crucial because it not only increases longevity but also has a direct impact on one's ability to make money. It enables people to concentrate on tasks that have the potential to increase their earning capacity. People can go from subsistence living to a life of buying things they are interested in with a larger income.

Vulnerabilities to life changes

The level of risk that a family or individual is expected to suffer during a specific period is referred to as their vulnerability. A person's likelihood of being impacted by any number of dangers, such as violence, natural disasters, and dropping out of school, increases with their level of vulnerability (whether due to no money to pay for tuition or being too ill to attend classes). People are less likely to have a cushion to recover rapidly the more vulnerable they are.

Not Enough Capital

Whether a person purchases food for nutrition or other material objects for pleasure, their purchasing power is a good indicator of their level of consumption. The quantity of money determines how much is consumed. Because prices fluctuate and money has varied purchasing power, it is not always realistic to quantify higher income.


Increasing people's capacity to do what they want is a crucial component in combating poverty, simply because fulfilling one's desires is valuable in and of itself. All they need is an agency, which is the chance to follow their dreams in life.

To break the cycle of poverty, it is essential to work toward improving the health, education, and income levels of the poor as well as giving them a voice and protecting them from their vulnerabilities.

DTD Enterprises has a plethora of resources available to help you break the cycle of poverty

and contribute meaningfully to society.

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