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There is a substantial question that a skills gap has had a significant impact on the

stagnating wages and growing inequality that have been caused by several causes. High-paying job opportunities for people with only a high school diploma or less have essentially vanished.

Today's employees require a mix of skills (both general and occupation-specific) as well as at least some postsecondary education and training to land livable-wage jobs that are in great demand.

Governmental initiatives that improve the nation's workforce and assist job seekers are referred to as workforce development at the macro level.

Lack of workforce development affects not just general economic development but also the expansion of particular businesses. Nearly 40% of US companies, even for entry-level positions, have difficulty finding candidates with the appropriate abilities.

This "skills gap" indicates a sizable talent pool that hasn't been fully used in the job market, and it has terrible ramifications for economic growth, skilled workers, healthcare and mental health, community development, and more.

Why is there a skills gap?

Well, many students don't get the support they need to complete high school, let alone transfer to a community college or an apprenticeship program that is necessary for a successful profession. Other times, workers are forced out of the workforce or lose their positions as a result of technology advancements, which causes a knowledge gap between what they already know and what they need to know to adapt.

State and municipal governments prioritize workforce development at the national level as they provide higher education options and training programs via financing and legislation. However, businesses in both the public and private sectors can offer assistance.

All of this shows that, in the absence of focused attention and action, the skills gap will continue to grow. Therefore, attempts to increase opportunity and justice in economic outcomes by creating a better and more equitable workforce development system must place a particular emphasis on the millions of Americans now being left behind.

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