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Acquiring NEW Skill Sets for Youth Leaders

Let's get your youth introduced to a new skill through our online continuing education courses and opportunities. Youth as young as 9 are capable of enrolling and engaging in one of our six-week (instructor-led) programs to learn a new skill.

We do not necessarily recommend a self-pace course for youth unless they are exhibiting self-discipline, have a great sense of time management and organization, and highly motivated.

A few of our most popular courses are listed in the flier (download for a closer look).

Now offering more than 300 online continuing education courses, programs and certifications, instructor-led or self-paced awaiting your arrival.

Our goal is to enroll 100 new students this month that so they will be able to advance their lives, their business or self and their communities.

Took a look at our course catalog at today.

SPECIAL ENROLLMENT PRICE $50 on any course under $150 not including suites or certifications. Email: info@dtdenterprises today to get started. Offer ends 09/13/23.

If uncertain which course your youth is interested in, reach out for an educational assessment before enrollment consideration.

Schedule an Educational Appointment


Phone: 443-431-8943

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