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The Great Resignation

People just Don’t Want to Work

Do you want to know that it is not just the baby boomers that are concerned about people not wanting to work? Ms. Kearn Cherry Crockett addresses the issue of the great resignation. According to Crockett, people are not interested in working because they don’t see it as a passion. Dr. Tekemia Dorsey says that homecare and education are facing the hits to workers, but Ms. Crockett explains it is not about the pay or if the job is entry level or not, but many people are not passionate about healthcare. Why is this? Ms. Crockett explains that businesses are having trouble paying people more per hour and this made keeping up with her childcare business difficult.


I would argue that the recurring theme of fear in Dr. Dorsey’s podcast is an important plot device to further Ms. Kearn Cherry Crockett’s argument. Dr. Dorsey defines fear as “false evidence that appears real.” Ms. Kearn Crockett says that fear develops if you’re hungry enough for change and work and to walk through it. She says that the best leaders fail, and one must have faith in God or someone else including yourself. Stop walking in faith but start believing in it and walking through it. Focus gets rid of fear because it helps you know what you need to do. There needs to be structure within a plan. Anyone can be more willing to work if they have a plan and 7 different streams of income as backup plans for which Ms. Crockett advocates.


“From communication comes collaboration, but in leadership you always have to get up and lead your best face forward.” Dr. Dorsey has inspirational words here. Everyone has a purpose. Ms. Crockett explains that she likes to meet new people and hear their viewpoints because she likes to give and receive, and Dr. Dorsey explains that the best leaders are also followers. So how does Ms. Crockett follow her vision? She is transparent and takes off her layers for everyone to hear. More about her vision will come from her next interview and her last words of wisdom of the podcast. She believes that business owners can lead with inclusion and showcase collaboration as much as people are able to. People are naturally competitive, she explains, and I would like to further that by saying we can never completely get rid of that drive, motivation, or underlying system in society. Vision is where a leader or follower can listen, watch, learn, and receive while also focusing on helping others.

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