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Business education enables students to investigate and learn about the working world as well as the pertinent interests and careers of their choice. It also equips them with the necessary occupational knowledge to help them comprehend different occupations in the working world and help them develop skills in the field of their choice.

Business education plays a crucial role in national development, particularly in areas such as the creation of job opportunities, industrial development, entrepreneurship strategy, and poverty alleviation. Business education contributes to its role in educating people in the community on how to run their businesses more successfully, which helps to improve the economy of a community.

All individuals who embrace the study of business education have benefited from the development of economic awareness. This suggests that one of the economic literacies, which includes bodies of information on how the nation's wealth is generated, dispersed, and the position of the person in the economy, is business education.

Students preparing for jobs in sectors other than business are given educational chances to get the business knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in such careers, fostering ethical work practices and moral principles. Before finishing their studies, students in the Business Education program have the chance to participate in on-the-job training, which gives them the experience of working in a real workplace.

Field visits, seminars, workshops, conferences, the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme, and other extensive academic activities are all part of business education. Before accepting a full-time position, these activities allow the person to get a taste of what it's like to work in a genuine employment environment.

The person gains characteristics like teamwork, loyalty, responsibility, prudence, personal character, business etiquette, etc. through the activities. The instillation of these qualities significantly boosts workplace productivity about the growth of the nation.

These claims suggest that business education could no doubt be used as a powerful tool for ending the cycle of poverty.

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