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Superior Solutions for Strategic Growth

Don't Navigate the Business World Alone

DTD Enterprises exists to help businesses pursue solutions that lead to growth. We focus on personal, professional, and leadership training via multiple outlets. In short: we are here to help boost your bottom line through the perfect blend of strategy and execution.



Solutions for Every Situation


DTD's Enterprises LLC is a multi-solution company offering a wide range of services. From grant writing and business development to expansion planning, we have the tools, experience, and expertise to help you grow your business.

Under the DTD Enterprises umbrella, you will find:


DTD's Urban Multisport Consulting Firm

DTD Urban TV Network

DTD School of Urban Leadership

The Urban Market Magazine

The Urban Multisport Radio/Podcast Show,

DTD Sports Academy for Urban Youth

Dr. Tekemia Dorsey Speaks

DTD Multisport Racing

DTD Conference/Events

Additionally, we offer an Academy of Workforce Development, Education & Business. And despite our ever-expanding brand, we still work hand in hand with each client. Through this close partnership, we can focus on your needs while generating new ideas and effective strategies catered to your plan for growth.


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